Wierd Trick I use to Lose Weight fast

February 8th, 2019

How I went from 85kg to 54kg in 2 months only


Hello, guys! Everybody has noticed that I have lost a lot of weight and started bombarding me with questions about the wierd trick I use to lose weight fast.

I was trying my best to write an answer to everyone and support all of you, but failed – with so many messages to respond to I would have to live online. So, I decided to write this post to answer to the question: “How did you manage to lose 31 kg?” (That doesn’t mean you can’t write to me or ask something, it just makes my life easier).

My transformation took me TWO MONTHS only! AMAZING RESULT, RIGHT?

Instead of being skinny, I noticed that I kept gaining more and more weight. Three terrible creases appeared on my belly, I looked like a bulldog in bikini, and my hips, legs and butt were getting bigger and bigger! I decided to get a fit and healthy body by all means, so I stopped eating greasy and fried food and gave up hearty late meals.

In addition, I went for the morning run and evening training sessions in the gym but instead of losing weight, I continued gaining more and more! After a month, my weight reached the terrifying mark – ALMOST 100KG! I kept making my diet more and stricter, excluding meat, bread, fries, and sweets.

All these made me end up eating fruits and vegetables and drinking nothing but water. I tried some terribly expensive weight loss teas and pills but nothing seemed to work for me. After a while, the lost weight would come back to my exhausted body.

Neither diets nor pills help, they are just a rip-off!
Working out is too hard and takes too long to see any progress. So what should I do?

After heaps of diets, pills and hours in the gym and thousands of money paid to the personal instructor I gave up completely. One day I ran into an article about the Green Coffee and decided to try it. Although I heard many other celebs were losing weight with this coffee in grains I was skeptical. But having tried everything and getting desperate I had no choice! besides, I checked the reviews and they were impressive indeed!

Millions of women in Europe and US got rid of their extra pounds thanks to Green Coffee. According to the research, 96.7% lost 12-17 kg in three weeks!

So, it was settled! I went on their website, double-checked everything and ordered the coffee. It came within a couple of weeks. I read the instructions and started drinking 2 or 3 cups daily, with breakfast and lunch.


After only two weeks, my results were stunning – I lost 6 kg! The puffiness was gone and my complexion got much better! The hips and belly became notably smaller – and my mood became better! I started to believe I could become beautiful again without any dieting or exercising! So, I continued eating everything I wanted! I was too sick and tired of starving and working out…

By the end of the third week, I lost another 12 kg! I became more fit and that inspired me to climb the stairs instead of using elevator every time. What seemed to be a tough workout became an easy pleasure for me! I couldn’t believe it happened just because I was following those simple instructions on the coffee pack! If I could do it – everyone can! Only two months passed and my 31kg were gone!

I archived my goal weight within 60 days. My belly was gone, I lost 31 kg and got the body I had never dared to dream about!

By the way, Green Coffee was tested by the National Academy of Sciences in 2014. The results would have been a bomb but they never made public. I reckon that was because they would make pharmaceutical companies, fitness clubs, nutritionists and overpriced clinics go broke! No wonder: Green Coffee is ridiculously cheap!

Now I keep recommending Green Coffee to my friends and colleges. Important: order from the official product website otherwise you might get a fake. I am happy with my results and I believe that you will be happy too! Forget the stereotypes: you don’t need any diets and workouts to have a nice figure!

P.S. Everyone who lost weight by just drinking Green Coffee, please, feel free to share you results right here! You will help to persuade other people that it really helps! Cheers!


Hey there! I got great news! The Green Coffee company representatives contacted me to offer a 50% discount to the first 100 visitors of my blog who make an order here!


Yejide 04.02.2019

My sister bought me a couple of packs of Green Coffee from China last year. First I thought it was ridiculous – like how can you lose weight without diets and working out – but she persuaded me just to try… I never thought it is possible… I started drinking coffee in February and in May I HAD TO CHANGE MY WARDROBE COMPLETELY!

Everything was just too big for me!!!! I went from 92 to 58 kg in less than a two months!!!!!! 2 years passed but by weight hasn’t changed! I am a happy girl now. To draw a conclusion, just try this coffee for a couple of weeks… and you will see…

Adeola Iwu 04.02.2019

Wow, Yejide, the results are impressive! Dear ladies, I want to apologize for being unable to write an answer to all of you, but I do read my inbox and I want to say that I am happy and proud for you and your achievements!

Ronke 05.02.2019It was so long ago that it seems hilarious that I used to weigh 79 kg… Now my weight is 54 kg and whatever I do or eat it doesn’t change! I am proud to my progress pics with you:

Oyinlola 06.02.2019

Dear Adeola and everyone who wrote a review here! I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude and happiness… At 33 years of age, the last few years I’ve gone through were hell because of my weight. Even the easiest workout was a real challenge for me, I had terrible backache, quickly got weak and exhausted… I read your posts and decided to try Green Coffee – and the results turned out to be way above my expectations! Now my weight is 63 kg – but used to be 91 kg! I lost those 28 kg in three months! I feel great, I feel and look 10 years younger! Now, I do not have dyspepsia and my back doesn’t hurt anymore!

Oluchi 07.02.2019

I was drinking some Chinese tea for weight loss and it really helped me to lose 2 kg, but I gained them back in 2 weeks(( Please, tell me, can it be the same story with Green Coffee?

Adeola Iwu 07.02.2019

Helo, Oluchi. Don’t worry, this is not gonna happen. Just look at the pictures of all these beautiful women and me – we quickly lost weight and haven’t gained any kg since then! Chlorogenic acid really works and it helps your body to take control over the fat it gains. You should try to drink Green Coffee even for a week and you’ll see the effect straight away!

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Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Fast

February 6th, 2019

What is the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat?

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Who doesn’t want to trim that extra layer of fat from around the midsection? Whether you have been unable to exercise for some time, need to lose some post-pregnancy weight or just cannot seem to lose the belly fat, there are answers. Here are a few of the top belly fat busting tips available to date.

Know Fat

Your first order of business is to understand belly fat. Most importantly, what causes it in the first place. You may think your growing waistline is merely a matter of overeating and while that may true in part, it is not the only thing at work. Studies show there is a definite link between increased belly fat and cortisol, which is a stress produced hormone.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. Specifically, it is created in the adrenal cortex. This is a natural function of the body but when stress enters the picture, it increases the release of specific hormones from the pituitary gland that stimulate more production of cortisol and other glucocorticoid hormones. In the scientific community, cortisol is good health enemy number one! Not only does it increase weight gain (particularly in the midsection) it also can lower immune response and cause high blood pressure and heart disease.

De-Stress to Lose Belly Fat

Losing the stress in your life is much easier said than done! It is simple to tell someone to relax but the reality of crying children, mounting bills and strained personal relationships can make that all seem so out of reach. What is the first step in lowering your stress and thereby bust belly fat? How about getting a little more sleep?

Sleep- When you lose sleep every night, it does much more to your body than just make you feel tired. Lack of sleep throws off your body’s biorhythms, which can result in overeating and altered hormone production. You need to get about 7 hours of sound sleep, especially if you are trying to trim belly fat.


  • No TV- turnoff or better yet, remove the television from the bedroom. This instantly removes the temptation to stare at late night infomercials!
  • Soft Music- If you have become accustomed to noise while you sleep, try changing it up and using soft soothing music or nature sounds to replace the jarring noise of your television.
  • Prepare- do you have a nighttime ritual? Create new habits by starting a bedtime routine, shower, read, brush your teeth etc… whatever puts you in bedtime mode.


Do you really want to bust belly fat and more importantly, the stress that is ruining your health? You already know exercise is the best way to burn calories. Getting your heart rate up, even just a little, goes a long way toward lowering stress and decreasing depression. Walking is a fantastic way to start, but the results are not instant so it makes it difficult to get motivated. If you are finding it difficult to get started, just keep in mind walking is just a start. The more you walk the sooner you can run, jog or start a gym.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that the best way to lose belly fat is to punish the body mercilessly. The problem with this approach is that most of the time, it does not make you feel good about yourself or your body. After all, you are punishing yourself! Start by rewarding yourself instead! De-stress, get more sleep and pick up a favorite exercise and you will see the belly fat begin to melt away.

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