How to Lose Belly Fat for Women

Lose Belly Fat for Women

The “muffin top”, or surplus fat spilling over the waist of jeans, is every woman’s least favorite body part. While it’s possible to collect excess belly weight at any age, it becomes more prevalent during menopause. If you’re looking for the real-skinny on how to lose belly fat for women, let us show you.

Lose Belly Fat for Women

The menopausal kind of belly pooch is not only tough to lose, but it can also cause serious health issues. As your estrogen levels take a dive, the body rearranges fat from your buttocks, breasts, and thighs. This is normal.

However, a weight gain in excess of five pounds goes deeper into your abdomen, creating visceral fat. You likely know visceral fat is associated with medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


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Bloating is another issue women must contend with at any age. The jean test will determine if you’re bloated. If you struggle to zip the same jeans that fit fine a few days ago, it’s likely bloat, caused by trapped gas or fluid retention.

Adding more fiber to your diet should help a sluggish digestive system. Yogurt with probiotics or good bacteria will expedite transit time. If you’re retaining fluids, ease up on foods high in sodium.

If you experience pre-menstrual bloating have extra servings of calcium-rich foods. While bloating is annoying and a bit painful, it is temporary.

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Lose Belly Fat for Women

Let’s concentrate on ways to whittle that middle without crash dieting. Diet plans that promote quick weight loss usually aren’t sustainable and any weight “lost” soon finds you.

Unfortunately, there is no one supplement, exercise or food that specifically targets visceral fat. But, with diligence and dedication, you can bid belly fat bye-bye.

First, you need correct information on how to lose belly fat for women. To begin, really, really clean up your diet. Start with a healthy breakfast. Don’t entertain the notion of skipping breakfast. You’ll just crave junk all day and gorge at night.

Put protein first on your breakfast list. Countless studies have shown that eating protein in the mornings will help crush those cravings during the day.

The following suggestions are based on a 1500 calorie daily meal plan.

Breakfast Ideas

Lose Belly Fat for Women

Grab-and-Go Breakfast


Sprinkle ¼ cup granola and ½ cup blueberries into nonfat Greek yogurt.


Put 1 oz. Canadian bacon on an English muffin. Prepare 1 cup mixed fresh fruit and fresh tomato slices the night before.

At Home


2 buttermilk pancakes (about 5″)

½ grapefruit or 2 slices honeydew melon

½ cup nonfat milk


Vegetable Omelet – sauté 1 cup fresh veggies in 2T canola oil; 2 eggs (use eggs with Omega-3 fatty acids)

1 slice toast – wholegrain bread w/1t. canola butter

Green tea or black coffee


Lose Belly Fat for Women


Ham, turkey or tuna sandwich on wholegrain bread. 1T canola-mayonnaise, tomato and romaine lettuce

Unsweetened tea


1 ½ cups bean or vegetable soup

Green salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing

Green tea



4 oz. fatty fish – salmon, tuna, trout, baked, broiled or sautéed in olive oil

¾ cup sweet potatoes or squash

½ cup lima beans


8 oz. skinless chicken breast – baked, broiled or sautéed in olive oil

¾ cup green peas

Green salad

1 whole wheat roll

Learn to play around with calories. These meals assume a 3500 calorie deficit per week for people used to taking in 2000 calories daily.


Water aerobics, power walking or jogging are good exercises for women. As you walk, pull in your abdominal muscles as if they were touching your rib cage. This will tighten tummy muscles.

So, now you have an action plan on how to lose belly fat for women. Eat a healthy diet. Control calories and portions. Get moving!


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